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......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ As we are waiting for Google to publish the extension, currently you'll have to
* Select the folder in which you extracted the zip
* Now open any webpage you want and try to reach the homepage :P
# Team
## Team
* [Andrea Ruggiero]( <> (considered the lead developer)
* Davide Volta (considered the lead designer)
......@@ -98,12 +98,27 @@ As we are waiting for Google to publish the extension, currently you'll have to
Note that roles were given using a random algorithm. We also do not know what game advisor mean, we will accept merge requests that
describe this role.
# Links
## FAQ
### How is this game related to the [Global Game Jam 2019 theme](
You are browsing the web and you'll find yourself blocked in a webpage with no return button. What will you start looking for?
We though you will start searching the "Home" button and so this is when the game start. You'll find yourself (the chicken :P)
blocked at the bottom of the page and you'll start jumping around the elements of the page with the objective of reaching the home button.
Once you'll reach it, you will be redirect to the home page you were looking for!
### How can I play?
Read the `How to use` section to install the game. You move the character using the left and right arrow keys. You can shoot
eggs using the `E` key and the `D`. The front facing shoot currently has not any useful function, it's just... beautiful.
The "bottom-facing" shoot allow you to jump higher (you'll have to be near the explosion).
## Links
* [YouTube Trailer](
* [Global Game Jam Page](
# Thanks
## Thanks
Thanks to:
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